What Do You Mean When You say "Support?"

With the recent visit of Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu to Washington, D.C., there has been much talk in the news and on social media about U.S./Israeli relations. This is nothing new and runs a cycle of being low-key and quiet to being front page news and much talked about. Right now we find ourselves in the latter cycle. Each time I read/hear about how we must support Israel I find myself asking many questions, which seldom receive respectful or thoughtful answers. You see, there are two types of people in the U.S., when it comes to U.S./Israeli relations; There are those who "support" Israel and there are the communist, atheistic, hateful, anti-Semitic Jew haters. There is no "middle-ground" on this one in many people's eyes. As you might imagine merely asking questions about that relationship gets you labeled the latter of the two categories. I have many questions about our country's relationship with Israel. Questions born of genuine curiosity and a desire to find the constitutional connection for our "support." Now I realize that many people attribute their support, first, foremost, and always to what they see as the Biblical connection. Those people will not hear of any questioning of this relationship. No amount of logic, law, or commonsense will appeal to them and so I do not, and am not here, addressing this issue from its Biblical standpoint. If you wish to respond to this article by citing your religious views on it you will be wasting both your time and mine. You have been warned. The first question I would ask is - "How do you define 'support'?" Yes, it is that simple. What do you mean when you say that we "must support Israel?" Do you mean moral support? Financial support? arms and war materiel? Food and medicine? Boots on the ground? What do you mean when you say you support Israel? As for me, I support any persons right to defend themselves when attacked by another. If that is what you mean then we are in agreement. However, from that one question flow many subsequent questions. Again, many of which I have asked before, but to which I have seldom received a thoughtful answer. Does Israel need our support? If one holds the position that they need us, that would imply that without us they could not take care of themselves or "their business." First - Many of the same people who demand that we continue sending money and materiel to Israel cannot otherwise find that Article, section, sentence in our Constitution, which authorizes such expenditures, when it comes to any other nation. Why is that? Please, let's not pretend that many of you haven't been demanding that the U.S. stop sending our tax dollars around the globe. The calls to "keep our money here" are cacophonous. But when it comes to Israel you are OK with it? Why? Certainly if you want to send money of your own free will you have the right to do so, but do you have the right to demand that the tax dollars of others be sent there as well? Doesn't that sound kind of.....ohhh I don't know.....like a Democrat/Republican/political thing? You know, telling others how their tax dollars will be spent despite their protests. Do you support actual physical support, as in "boots on the ground," should Israel be attacked? That is certainly admirable, if you are willing to put your life or the lives of your children on the line. But, do you have the right to demand that of others? As with sending money, if you wish to help Israel fight its foes, they do have a division of the Israeli Defense Force which allows for non-Jews and non-residents to join and fight. Are you prepared to put your life on the line to show your support? Maybe you're too old to fight (but you can still pull a trigger, can't you?), so perhaps you'll encourage your son or daughter to go join the fight? If your answer to either of those questions is no, I would ask, why? Can Israel afford (financially) to take care of itself? Perhaps you were not aware that the economy of Israel is quite robust and that they can afford to take care of themselves. Here is another link you might find illuminating. Hardly a backward, third-world nation. So, again, is your call for support of a financial nature? If so, can you explain why you think Israel needs our tax dollars to support itself? From 2013-2018 the U.S. tax payer will see $3.15 billion per year going to Israel for military support. Are you OK with that? I'm not. You demand that we stop all foreign aid, as it is unconstitutional and we are broke and we should "take care of America first," but you don't blink an eye when we send $3.15 billion to Israel? We hear that we must support Israel, because they are our only ally in that region of the world. So I wondered, "How has Israel supported the U.S. and our troops in that region?" I have done some looking for examples of Israeli troops supporting U.S. troops on the ground in several of our conflicts over there and I am coming up empty. Maybe one of you can cite an example of Israeli troops going into battle, side-by-side, with U.S. troops. Again, I am genuinely interested in knowing what that example might be. I could find numerous stories of the Israeli's attacking and killing U.S. military personnel, when Israeli fighter jets and torpedo boats attacked the USS Liberty. Seems like poor form to attack your ally like that. But seriously, for all the "support" you demand that we give Israel, what has Israel done to support the U.S., specifically in regard to military operations over there?  You should know that I am aware of the arguments against the very existence of Israel. I am aware of the Zionist vs. anti-Zionist arguments. I am not addressing those issues here. For the purposes of this effort I am accepting that Israel is an existing and functional nation among the world of nations. I am focusing my questions on how, why, and whether or not we should "support" Israel any differently than we do any of our other allies. I am asking those of you who proclaim your "support" of Israel to explain what you mean by that. I would ask why you continue to willingly offer your financial (taxes) support, while at the same time demanding we stop all other such aid to other "allies."? I would ask why you are willing to overlook the unconstitutional nature of that financial support, while citing the Constitution to demand that we stop all other financial aid around the world. I believe that these are reasonable questions and while you can chose to ignore them and me and continue to do what you're doing, the questions still remain. As for me, I stated earlier that any person or nation who comes under attack has the right to defend themselves. I support that concept and always have. If there are any of you out there operating under the mistaken notion that I am a pacifist in this regard just ask anyone who has ever taken a swing at me. I have no ill feelings toward Israel. I am not anti-Semitic (Don't even try to go there). I simply believe that financial support, using our tax dollars, is unconstitutional and should be stopped, TO ALL NATIONS! This includes Israel. Not only is it unconstitutional, but maybe you have heard......we are broke as a nation. We cannot afford our own costs here at home, how the hell can we justify continuing to send our money all over the world? I also believe that our military is already overextended and abused and should not be used to fight the wars of other nations, especially when that nation is more than capable of fighting its own wars. If you wish to have someone "fight" for Israel, then I would suggest that you join the IDF and do so. If you wish to see money continue to flow to Israel, even though they don't need it, then by all means write a check and send it in. But please stop being altruistic and supportive with my money. That's what progressive politicians do.